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Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by...I’m Leslie, a lifestyle family photographer in South Florida. I am a lover of sunflowers, all things chocolate, Chick-Fil-A french fries (with chick-fil-a sauce of course), and cold brew coffee! I’ve been a pescatarian for over a decade, but man does the smell of bar-b-q make my mouth water! I’m a nurse anesthetist during the week and on the weekends my creative juices run wild with photography.

I love traveling! Give me fresh air and hiking those beautiful mountains. Every mountain I climb, I take my signature picture- sitting crisscross, with my back to the camera, my hands in the air in the shape of a heart and the gorgeous view in the distance.

I started photography for my little babe, Briley. I wanted to remember the soft little hairs covering her body from head to toe, the smell of her soft baby skin and the involuntary smiles because she smelled me walk into the room. Those moments are fleeting. I wanted and needed to remember those significant details.

Capturing real-life moments to cherish for a lifetime is a true passion of mine. Lots of laughter, tickling, touching, caressing, kissing, moving, and hand-holding! I love it all! Bring me the love, the chaos, the laughter. I can't wait to make some magic with you and your family!


Meet Leslie


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Leslie Fernandez

my approach to photography

Give me all the feels.

I love the real, candid, everyday moments. The moments that tell your story as a family. The way you fold your hands in your partners, the crinkle of your littles nose, how you smell your baby's feet. Give me all the feels; the emotion and connection, I want it ALL.


Between your gorgeous family and my ever-growing client closet, I am here to make your session easy, carefree, and fun! 

photography is a way of
feeling, of touching, of loving.

what you have caught on film is

captured remembers little things,

long after you have forgotten everything.

-Aaron Siskind

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